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Ripcord Designs is a UK based consultancy specializing in the design of electronic products. We work with clients to help them create and modernize their electronic and software products. Whether you are looking for a turnkey product design or just some additional support for an ongoing project we can help.

We have experience designing products for many different industries including broadcast, motor racing, internet of things, sports technology and wireless communications. 

What we do:


Turning your idea or invention into reality starts here.

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We are happy to work with you at any stage in your product development, from concept to manufacture. Please send an e-mail enquiry or give us a call to discuss your idea. All conversations are fully confidential from day one. Find out how we can help you your innovation come to life.

+ Meet with Us

Allow us to learn more about your innovation and project requirements. Our free consultation meeting can help us understand your requirements and determine the best course of action. We can meet with you in Hertfordshire, London or the surrounding area or hold a virtual meeting if you are further afield. 

+ Project Solutions and Proposal

Once we understand your idea and requirements we will write a project proposal detailing our suggested solution, design process and an estimate of cost and time to complete the project.  

Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK