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Ripcord Designs is an electronic product development consultancy based in the UK. We work with clients to help them create or modernize their electronic and software products. Whether you are looking for a custom design or additional support for an ongoing project we can help.

We have experience designing products for many different industries including medical devices. wearables, internet of things (IoT), sports technology, broadcast and wireless communications. 

Our Services

Electronics & Technology Consulting

Maybe you don't know where to begin with your new electronic concept or have reached a point in your design process that is not working how you expected. Contact us to help you with part of your project or to get you going in the right direction. Our electronics consultants can help with a design review, a feasibility study and much more.

Electronic Product Design

We can work with you from any stage of your hardware design. Whether you are just at the beginning of the design process and have a innovative idea or have reached a point in the design process where you require expert electronic design assistance, we can help. With any of our services we always offer a free consultation to see how we can help you to bring your product to life. Start by booking your consultation today. 


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Embedded Software Design

We speak many languages here at Ripcord Designs. Contact us for help with any project requiring embedded software design. We specialise in C, C++ and Linux software development. We can provide software design services as part of a larger project or on its own. Find out more about our Embedded Software Development services.


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Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing

Using our network of UK based manufacturers we can quickly turn your designs into working prototypes suitable for proof of concepts, ongoing development and marketing purposes.  When you are ready, we can also assist with low volume manufacturing, final assembly, testing and quality control.



Our engineers can provide you with custom designed printed circuit boards to meet your exact project requirements.  We have experience with analog and digital multi-layer boards, high speed processors and FPGA based designs.  We can also help with design-for-manufacturing and compliance testing.


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What Our Clients Say

Ripcord has been invaluable in our journey from prototype to production models of our streaming service. Adam and his team consistently deliver top quality custom hardware and software for us and we look forward to working with them on future projects.
— Gordon Sumner, Prowire Sport

Turning your idea into reality starts here 

+ Contact Ripcord

We are happy to work with you at any stage in your product development, from concept to manufacture. Please send an e-mail enquiry or give us a call to discuss your idea. All conversations are fully confidential from day one. Find out how we can help you bring your innovations to life.

+ Meet with Us

Our free consultation meeting can help us understand your requirements and determine the best course of action. We can meet with you in Hertfordshire, London or the surrounding area or hold a virtual meeting if you are further afield. 

+ Project Solutions and Proposal

Once we understand your idea and requirements we will write a project proposal detailing our suggested solution, design process and an estimate of cost and time to complete the project.  


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