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We work with large companies and startups alike. Most of our clients are based in Southeast England but we also have clients as far away as North America. From established multi-nationals to small groups of entrepreneurs we can help.  

Adam and the team at Ripcord have provided a very professional and diligent service in the complex design of our new hardware solution. The project has required flexibility whilst the specification was being finalised, and patience with re-working the design upon our request. The communication and time management has always been excellent, and Ripcord will continue to be a valued supplier to Bodytrak in the future.
— Leon Marsh, Bodytrak
Bodytrak: Smart biometric sensor

Bodytrak: Smart biometric sensor

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 Delivering technical guidance &  A Custom Product  

ProWire Streaming Service

ProWire improve the fan experience at sports events by allowing attendees to listen to live audio from players, the referee and commentators on their mobile phones in real time.

Ripcord Designs was approached by ProWire when they first had the idea for their live audio streaming service.  They had a great business idea but lacked the in-house technical expertise to fully execute their vision.

Initially, Ripcord helped by providing a feasibility study for the project and a detailed technical report describing how a very low latency streaming service could be realized.

ProWire then engaged Ripcord to design and build a fully functional prototype of the streaming service including custom hardware and software.  This allowed ProWire to perform successful in-venue trials and client demonstrations and win new business.

Ripcord has continued to work with ProWire as they further develop their streaming technology into a fully scalable platform capable of operating in very large venues.

Learn more about ProWire or get their app: https://www.prowiresport.com

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