Frequently Asked Questions


Will you siGn an NDA?

Yes. We understand that your ideas are valuable and we will treat anything you tell us with the strictest confidence. With that said, we are also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement at any stage in the process.

Can you provide an NDA?

Yes, we can provide an NDA for you if you do not have one. It is in our mutual interest that you are comfortable discussing your ideas and project with us so that we can best advise and help you. If you would like to look over a sample NDA and learn more about what type of NDA is best for you the GOV.UK site provides further free information on non-disclosure agreements.

Where are your clients?

Most of our clients are based in the UK, but we love to work with companies from further afield as well.

Do you work with clients in the USA, Australia and other countries?

Yes, we can provide our design consulting and embedded software services to you no matter where you are based and often work with companies in North America. In some cases the work we perform for you will be subject regulations that are local to your country or region. If you are outside the EU we will work with you individually to meet compliance and other regulatory obligations on a case-by-case basis.

How do you Bill?

Payment terms depend on the service you have requested. For the Feasibility Study we require prepayment. For most design projects we issue invoices at the end of each month and clients pay by bank transfer. Generally, projects are billed hourly each month but we will provide fixed prices for smaller jobs. This will always be clearly stated in our contract.

We are an EU business and registered for VAT. Can we pay you without paying UK VAT?

Yes.  For EU businesses that are registered for VAT in their home country we can process  your invoice without applying UK VAT. Please email or call with your EU VAT number.