Design Consulting

Ripcord Designs is a UK based design consultancy specialising in electronic product design. We can turn our hands to pretty much anything, but have most experience in telecommunications, motor racing and broadcast television.


Turnkey Product Design

Do you have a product idea but lack the experience or resources to make it happen? At Ripcord Designs we understand that developing a new product from scratch can be a daunting prospect. We are happy to help at any stage of the development process, or take on the whole project if you prefer. A typical product design cycle includes:

  • Requirements capture
  • Concept development
  • System Engineering
  • Product Design (Electronic, Software, Mechanical, UX)
  • Prototype Manufacture
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Preparation for Production


Electronic Design

Printed Circuit Boards form the beating heart of any electronic product, and proper design of those boards is critical to successful product delivery.  There are many factors to consider including the architecture, part selection, cost of manufacture, electrical and mechanical interfaces and EMC.  Our engineers understand the trade offs to be made, and have completed dozens of successful designs

Our design expertise includes:

  • PCB design (schematic capture and layout)
  • High speed digital design
  • FPGA, CPU, DDR/2/3
  • Design for manufacture
  • Regulatory compliance for Europe and North America

Embedded Software

Embedded software is increasingly important in todays products in terms of  feature differentiation and user experience.  The right software architecture can provide a reliable, flexible platform and allow you to quickly and affordably update your product line over time. 

From device drivers to high level architecture, we have the experience to help:

  • Software design
  • C, C++, Assembly language coding
  • Real Time OS, Nucleus, uCos, eCOS
  • Networking, TCP, UDP, IP
  • Device drivers, including USB, Video, Audio, UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, CAN

We have recent software experience on the following platforms:

  • CPU: ARM7, ARM9, ARM Cortex, Freescale i.MX, Atmel AVR
  • FPGA: Xilinx Artix, Kintex, Virtex, Zynq



  • Turnkey Product Design
  • Electronic Design
  • Embedded Software
  • Project Management