Technical Feasibility Study Request

Yes, I want to know if my product idea is technically feasible

Thank you for your interest in the technical feasibility study. We look forward to working with your to help you understand the technical viability of your idea as well as getting estimates on cost and the time that it might take. We want to make sure that we are the right design house for your project and will ask a few qualifying questions before you pay and we send your engagement pack.

How it Works:

  1. Complete the qualifying form below.

  2. We will review your completed form and confirm we can provide a technical feasibility study for your product; that it falls within the realm of our expertise and this service. We then send a link to the payment information, a quote for your records and the NDA.

  3. On receipt of payment we will send you our Engagement Pack. This includes a detailed questionnaire for you to complete about your product. After you return this we begin your study and deliver it in approximately 3 weeks.

Please complete the form below

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Please provide a short description of your idea here outlining what you see as the main components of your design. If you are not sure just tell us what you can. Once we move ahead with the study there will be a detailed questionnaire to complete.
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The tecnical feasibility study cost may be covered by a grant. If you have grant funding to cover all or part of your feasibility study please let us know so what we can sent the invoice to the correct funding organization.
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Please tell us if you have any deadlines (such as grant deadlines) that we need to be aware of and if so details about your time constrains.