We take customer confidentiality seriously and promise to treat all the information you share with us as confidential. Being innovators ourselves we understand the value of your ideas, trade secrets and other company information.

We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement at any point during our engagement with you, and we can provide an NDA template if you do not have your own.

Design Ownership

Unlike some other design firms, we believe that everything we design for you belongs to you. Upon completion of your design project, we will provide you with a full design data pack including:

  • Project documentation
  • Software and firmware source code
  • Electronic and mechanical design files
  • Manufacturing files and bill of materials

In some instances, it may be appropriate to include Open Source software within your product design. In such cases we will advise you on the implications of choosing an open source approach, including your licensing obligations and the pros and cons for your project so you can make an informed decision.

Equipment and Tools

Our labs include a range good quality tools and test equipment including oscilloscopes, bench power supplies, logic analyzers, multimeters and soldering equipment as well as some more specialized equipment used in different industries. Our engineers use the latest software development tools and CAD packages.

On occasion we may not have the exact tools, test equipment or software required for your project. We will be upfront with you about this and discuss the options available to overcome the shortfall. In some cases we can use software or equipment that you already own, or we can rent the relevant equipment for the duration of the project if needed.



Whenever possible we like to utilize online meetings so that our time and your money is spent as efficiently as possible. However, we understand that meeting in person is sometimes the most appropriate option and we are always happy to do so at your request.

When traveling to meet with you at your offices we will not bill you for our travel time or expenses. However, we do bill our time and expenses for other travel that we undertake at your request, for example meeting with a 3rd party on your behalf.